Comment: Your title is hyperbolic and untrue.

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Your title is hyperbolic and untrue.

There Is NO Interest In Activism Or Reclaiming Our Republic.

Not NO. There is is some. And it goes on. But I think the key now, vs. before, is that everyone is going on about it in their own way, to the best that they can at whatever station in life they're at.

Everyone is at a different station, and all the stations have their own unique challenges.

I respect that the vast majority here are good hearted, hardworking, and sincere. At the same time there is no agreement as to what "everyone" should be doing, as there was before.

Before, we were like Ron Paul's volunteer army. Everyone was on the same page. We kept the door barred to hostile outsiders.

When the shared goal leaves, this kind of behavior arises. The Lament. The lament that "things aren't like they were before." This is a true statement, but it is misleading to turn a simple, inexplicable truth into a lament. That causes unnecessary suffering.

Don't suffer. Don't embrace the past. Look to the future. Look at how the field is assembling. What station in the battle do you want to man?

What is it that moves you to action.

Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law.


He's the man.