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I'm sure this will be lost in

I'm sure this will be lost in the comments pretty soon so I'll go on and respond in the assumption that you agree with my first comment.

I kinda agree with you. In the since that I personally think the dollar will flop but, I doubt, regardless of whether the dollar flops or not, bitcoin will become the dominant form of currency. Not being tangible is my main concern. Sure we just change numbers now as well but i can go to the bank and make those numbers turn into cash. What would BTCs come out of the atm like? Second thing I'd be afraid of is the time it will take to rebound from the gold/silver/barter stage back to using a more practical currency. Personally I like the USD. They got old famous people on them, green like the trees, they don't way much (not in the quantities I have anyway) and they're small. Our currency now does great. We just screwed up when we untied it from gold. I personally think reigning back in the dollar and tie it to something again would be the best option. The only people that really had a problem with it back then was the banks and governement, who shouldn't have gotten a say anyway.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.