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Good questions

Those are the types of questions people should be asking and thinking about (even though I'd put them a bit differently, you're on the right track).

>If the USD flops tomorrow, BTC would too right?

If the fiat currencies bitcoin derives it's value from flop, of course bitcoin will flop. It implies as much in that post when it alludes to changes when bitcoin actually becomes money (ie, generally accepted). Followup food for thought... the exchange value of bitcoin is *solely* derived from fiat currencies. What does that say about the nature of bitcoin and what does it say wrt the regression theorem?

>gold/silver aren't really good for anything besides local bartering

That's completely wrong - gold and silver have become money exactly because they have non-monetary uses.

>aren't you just gambling against the USD?

No, you are gambling against the speculative value of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a novelty and has interest among speculators and enthusiasts - how long that interest will last is the gamble. If Misesian theory is correct it is doomed as a viable money.