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Yeah, I just wanted to clarify, because I fear people using the argument "your beliefs are none of my business" to try and suppress free speech and free exercise of religion.

My favorite scripture (and yes, it's a heathen Mormon one) is this:

Alma 42:27 - Therefore, O my son, whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely; and whosoever will not come the same is not compelled to come; but in the last day it shall be restored unto him according to his deeds.

Basically, I don't believe it's even possible for me to change your heart all by myself. All I can do is offer you the truth that I have, and give you the opportunity to accept it. It's not my concern or responsibility whether you accept it. I can't force you to accept it or even to hear me out, but I do retain the right to share my beliefs with you, even if it is my hope that you accept it, and even if I share what I believe the upcoming consequences will be if you don't accept it.

If I tell you the ship is sinking, and you'll probably be underwater if you don't escape, I don't feel any guilt at telling you this. On the contrary, I would feel guilty by not telling you. Ultimately, if I have told you and you choose not to accept my words, I have no right to force you to follow them. While I may still desire it and be sad if you don't, because I understand the consequences for you, and I may care for you as a brother/sister in mankind, I fully recognize that it is beyond my right to control your outcome.