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at least you're being honest--


I have to hand you that.

Don't think we're going to find much to agree about--

But I'm going to give you an opportunity to explain your position.

I want to know.

What, to you, is the definition of anarchist? How did you arrive at that definition? What is typical behavior for anarchists? (Be reasonable, please; I'm not asking for slurs)

Give me examples of what anarchists are doing to destroy human beings: genocide, wars, social experimentation, medical experimentation, etc. I realize that there have been some anarcho/terrorists (hate using that word) in the past; some are quite famous, presumeably. What about now?

(I know there is more, but I can't think of it right now)

How involved are anarchists (and can they be grouped together; "nobody" wants *us* to use the word 'collective' anymore) in weapons manufacturing? (I'm not talking about historically; the small amount of research I have done shows that some anarchists traditionally have been violent; some have been peaceful)

How involved are they in corporate welfare or corporate abuse? What are their lobbys, or do they have lobbys? (sp?; it could be 'lobbies'; not sure)--

Do anarchists poison water supplies? Give me some examples, if you know of any. Do anarchists kidnap children? Do they run drug and other 'rings'?

I am honestly curious. No sarcasm intended. I know very little about anarchy. If it is behind the mess this world is in, and I don't know about it, then I ought to.

I will not say beforehand that I will accept everything you say as truth, even if you believe it is true, but I will weigh it fairly before making a decision--

How is Ron Paul an anarchist? I'm sure he's quite disgruntled with government after 30 years in congress, but how is he an anarchist?

With the small amount of reading I have done, I can see that anarchists are all over the chart--

some sound reasonable; some sound like madmen/women . . .

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--