Comment: I question "our" outrage over drones -- is it the spying or the

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I question "our" outrage over drones -- is it the spying or the

bombing that's "our" central argument-against here?

I know "both" - duh; but in the political arena, what's the central dis-agreement?

If it is bombing/assassination then can't the gov't do this already?

I heard Rand argue that gov't (with drones) will be able to murder civilians without due-process........isn't this happening now, every time a person is shot by police?

Gov't has ICBM's parked all over the US -- It fluoridates our water supply -- It "supposedly" sprays us with chemicals -- It let's Monsanto GMO -- The list goes on and on.

We are moving toward a surveillance-society -- it's a mirroring of "god's omnipresence" created by man -- gov't or religion is born one out of the other (you can organize the mama-child birth how you like) -- We (the consumer) by the living hell out of cameras and camera-tech (software and hardware) -AND- no one can deny that people behave differently when they "know" they are being watched (though we are still going through the adjustment phase).......It is the central argument for religionists and lovers of santy-clause (that someone is watching so behave yourself).

Now it's a reality -- and the consumer is making it happen (we buy camera-video tech and we vote and lobby).

I'm not scared of drone-assassinations -- aspirin will kill more people per year. I'm not scared of being surveilled either -- mostly because there's nothing I do in private that's interesting or embarrassing.

I'm not saying I want this reality -- I'm just saying I live in a world where Consumers-Voters-Politicians WANT this tech (by their consumptive choices and actions) -- I cannot stop it at all.

Is "this" the thing that turns the tied toward liberty -- hardly...Not if consumers are driving the purchasing frenzy and not as long as people vote-lobby.