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Comment: This is quite an essay--

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This is quite an essay--

and I will try to read it. I skimmed over a few of the posts/comments--

Are *you* who are so strenuously objecting to 'anarchists' (I don't see any; I don't even know how to identify *them*) . . .
certain that this isn't just a knee jerk response to the frustration *you* feel over how out of control *our* present (in this nation/world) situation is?

Just one question: Do you honestly believe that anarchists are behind:

The Federal Reserve
The wars in the middle east
banker bail-outs

All of the presidents/both political parties--

the CIA, etc.

and, if so, who are they?

If the global elite who are managing the current scam on the American people--

are anarchists, then--

I might read your essay.

They are oligarchs. Or so I have always believed them to be. Are oligarchs and anarchists the same thing?

It seems to me that this discussion is like a dog chasing its tail; it goes around and around, and everybody is the villain.

I know there is a lot of angst 'out there'. Is this how it is diffused?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--