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I've never heard of Wyden but

I've never heard of Wyden but am listening to him. Does he have no idea that we have due process? I know it sounds like a stupid question but does he not realize there is Constitutional law? Its like he has no idea that there is something wrong with just simply murdering Americans with a drone strike. Even if there is a possibility of a person being some kind of criminal, that person can be picked up, put in front of a Grand Jury, then a trial to figure out innocence or guilt. If this govt. decides to simply start bombing Americans here with no due process, it's going to cause blowback here. Would this govt. then use that blowback from those who weren't even involved as a reason to start war on the American people??? Makes me wonder why some of these senators can't see beyond their noses. They put full trust in these things and can't see that someday, they might be the targets because of political reasons. Hey, Sen. Wyden. We have laws! How about follow them!