Comment: get some good ground that you can grow food on.

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get some good ground that you can grow food on.

Actually indiana is great for that, but I would be twempted to cross south of the Ohio river if I was you. Close enough to get to, but far enough to get away if need be. Plus land is cheaper the further south you go. I'd take half and buy a few acres of partially wooded ground, and make sure tools and some basic foodstuffs and seeds are in place if you are worried about bugging out ina hurry and surviving. Know your neighbors, let them know that you intend to build there in the future, and encourage them to give you a call if they see anything weird going on there, let them know you will be a good neighbor when you move. Use the other half to invest actively, and set yourself up as you start out in life. Unlike many posters here I do not see complete doom ahead, probably more like a replay of the 70's- early 80's time frame economically. The next few years (until the FED quits printing) should be an especially good time to have some money in the markets. Don't let fear rule your life and drive you into a self inflicted prison, but do have a backup plan in case things really go south.

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