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Just sharing my thoughts.

Just sharing my thoughts.

I don't think the Daily Paul is dedicated to activism, no more than it would be dedicated to, say, restoring sound money and precious metals advocacy, or to weird stories, or etc.

I can read from its home page header it is dedicated to restoring Constitutional government in America, which is a huge, gigantic task in the current state of affairs.

IMO, what that means is this:

the Daily Paul is only one out of a few other oasis where we can, for free, or a tiny contribution:

share, educate, update, confront, debate, elaborate on ideas and actions dedicated to that cause. And I believe it serves very well its purpose. While I find a bit silly, for instance, some endless threads about religions or absence thereof or abstract politics, I never called for people to stop posting about those - it is just part of it - of course our points of view are biased by our origins, experiences, interests.

That's liberty - it is only important to remember that ideas, soon or late need to be made tangible thru some sort of actions to demonstrate, verify, or challenge their validity.

I agree with Todd who made the point often: no matter what our domain is, we ought to, eventually, make our beliefs tangible, accessible to the people we think could benefit from them.

We need TO BUILD STUFF that works for and by liberty - just like Michael did years ago.

We need to get liberty working, growing, then working more, then growing more.

Let us become builders of whatever we truly believe and share, for free, or as businesses.

We all believe in honest living, working, and making: let us be inspired and fortunate enough to continue striving there.

We can only unite in core values, but pretty much everything else is up to every single one of us - as individuals or spontaneous, voluntary collectives.

My .02.


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