Comment: Just Received This E-Mail from Jeff Frazee

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Just Received This E-Mail from Jeff Frazee

Subject: Stand with Rand!


Quick! Turn your television to C-SPAN 2 (or watch here online).

Sen. Rand Paul is filibustering the nomination of John Brennan for CIA Director over the protection of our civil rights. It's making national headlines, as it should!

In 2010, more than 350 YAL members volunteered for Sen. Paul's campaign for moments just like this.

Stand with Rand by supporting YAL today.

We need more strict constitutionalists in the congress fighting these battles alongside Sen. Paul.

Help YAL to build a national youth movement to fight for these critical issues and protect the U.S. Constitution!

Can you please show your support with a $75, $50, or $25 donation right now?

Today is a historic day for our cause. YAL is determined to keep the momentum going. Please stand with us.

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
YAL Executive Director

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