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It was kind of you to copy out the definitions for me--

I haven't paid much attention to the discussions about anarchy on DP before--

Your writing implies that you are a suspicious person. In your subject line you say that I am an anarchist who is playing dumb.

No, I'm not. I really haven't studied anarchism. I have 'followed' Ron Paul (not as a disciple; by following I mean I have watched and listened to him), because he has promoted the constitution. I guess I just don't understand how you think that his focus on personal liberty is anarchist or how you think that he doesn't believe that he shouldn't support anything, that he is a freeloader. He served in the military, didn't he? And it seems to me that he has put a lot 'on the line' to teach people about the constitution.

I may be naive, and I may be old(er), but I'm not an anarchist. I'm a Christian, and I believe in free will.

I believe in accountability; I believe in personal responsibility; that doesn't mean that I don't think that, in the world's present state, no government is needed at all. (There will come a time when, I believe, Jesus Christ will reign) I believe our present government is highly corrupt, and I don't have a solid answer for what to do about that, especially after the hijacking of the recent election by so many forces.

I believe in the authority of Jesus Christ, but I also respect the beliefs of those who are not Christians; I don't see any anarchy in that.

I pay my own way; I pay as I go. If you could see "me" (spouse and me) right now, you would laugh to think we are anarchists or that we want to destroy anyone--

We live very modestly; we are as independent as people our age can be; we cut the wood we use to heat our home; we grow our own food; we take nothing from anyone.

We just want the violence to stop. You say that the government is not behind wars and oppression, that only man's greed is behind it, then you say, later, that the government is a corporation, and, like any corporation, can buy its own military force.

So, which is it? Who, if not a corrupt government, influenced by corrupt people, is behind the violence around the world that is being perpetuated by the present American military?

So, the globalist bankers who run the Federal Reserve are anarchists. If anarchists are everything you say they are, then I will agree with that. Much of the rest of what you said does seem a bit confusing and confused.

I suspect that you are frustrated and angry. I understand that. Honestly, at my age, there are times when I think death will be sweet, but I'm not going to give up. I believe there is a better place, but I believe that even in heaven there are laws--

I don't believe laws are bad, if they are the laws of God. Is that anarchy speaking? Well, if so, then I must be one of those--

I'm anti-war, so how does that make me an anarchist?

Oh well. I tried. I am going to sound really like a hippy right now, and I'm not one; I never was, even though I was around during that time--

but I feel the 'pain' of many on here (DP)--

I understand what it is like to be hungry, to feel oppressed and . . . to wonder what kind of a future my children will have. I have grandchildren, and I worry about their future, and spouse and I taught our children at home, and we read the constitution with them--

I suppose that is because we are anarchists, that we read the constitution to/with our children. We taught them to work hard, and they do--

We taught them to live by the golden rule, and they do, we hope; we think they do; they aren't all living at home anymore.

Sometimes it is easy to feel hopeless, but I have faith in God and hope in the future, because of Jesus Christ.

I don't think that means I'm an anarchist. But if you want to continue to believe that I am an anarchist, or that I support those who want to destroy other human beings, there isn't much I can do about it.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--