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They understand currency just

They understand currency just fine. Likely quite a few of them understand money as well, but then, those elite are the beneficiaries/profiteers of the FRN currency system.

Gold is extremely useful, and its durability is just one of the reasons. Gold's rarity does add to its market value (price), but the price of something doesn't change what that thing actually is. Bitcoiners will learn this the hard way.

This line here: "Figure out how to give it intrinsic value" betrays your complete ignorance on this matter. They cannot possibly give intrinsic value to something which has no such value. If you understood this topic, you'd know that. Someone could set up a trust that gave 1 gram of gold for each and every bitcoin offered, no exceptions. This would be a sort of unofficial redemption, but it wouldn't give the bitcoin itself value, would it? The value is in the gold, not in the bitcoin.