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GoldMoney isn't a currency;

GoldMoney isn't a currency; you are buying the metals directly. Whether that Gold really is secure is another question.

In any case, you are missing the separation between the currency, and what it can be redeemed for. One has value, the other does not.

Bitcoin might reach new highs, I wont deny it, but Bitcoin is not a fundamentally sound asset, and it isn't money. If you understand the purpose of money, the eased transaction of equal value, certainly you understand the immorality of any currency, including Bitcoin.

Bitcoin WILL end up worthless, like every currency before it. There may be an opportunity for speculators to make a quick buck, but someone will be left holding the bag, and you know it.

Right when we had a real chance for money to make a comeback, while a greater understanding of it was growing, this Bitcoin abomination bursts onto the scene and distracts the young libertarian set from what they should be advocating for.