Comment: Overall Great Post on the DP

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Overall Great Post on the DP

I have more than tripled my initial Bit Coin investment. I'm not gonna lie... I'm happy.

What is best about this post is the Youtube video and how it introduces

Coinabul is awesome you can buy silver and gold using bit coins!

Thanks for all of your constructive criticisms. I respect that.

Y'all should check out what happened to this brand new cite: they allow you to purchase at any any online retailer in the world using bitcoins. They launched on Sunday and the response was so overwhelming that they reach their limit of available ordering in 12 hours.

Kim Dotcom also announced that he is gonna compete with french company on making bitcoin credit cards.

Today one of the leaders in domains started accepting bitcoins.

Y'all can insult bitcoins and bitcoin users all you want... I actually appreciate your criticisms.

For the most part Yeah Gold and Silver are # 1. But you gotta admit... Bit coins are pretty awesome!

Sure, Yes they will fall again; that is obvious. But how much will they fall is the main question. That Idk.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees