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Confusing on purpose

I don't intent to confuse, so I think it is important to agree on a fixed meaning of words.

Revolution = Destroy Liberty

Revolution = either/or destroy Liberty or promote Liberty

Revolution = Promote Liberty

If an example is The Revolutionary War, in America, starting with The Declaration of Independence, then the third definition is THE working definition. Note: that revolution ended in 1788, and Liberty lost.

If the French Revolution is an example, then there is confusion as to what is, or is not, a Revolution.

If the financing of the Revolution in Russia by Wall Street is the example then the first is THE definition.

If the third definition is THE definition of Revolution, where a Revolution promotes Liberty, then a Counter Revolution destroys Liberty.

"Yes a counter revolutionary false flag to start a revolution not to initiate the take over of opposite false flag I guess?"

A False Flag such as dressing up as Indians and slaughtering white settlers, and then selling the idea of slaughtering Indians to the surviving Settlers, is THE example used to define a False Flag, then that is counter revolutionary.

It is counter to the cause of promoting Liberty (revolution) to dress up as your targets so as to make your targets look very bad so as to then have an excuse to slaughter your targets.

A False Flag such as dressing up as Polish soldiers on the boarder between Nazi Germany and Poland so as to then slaughter German soldiers, blame the slaughter of German soldiers on the Polish people, so as to then invade and take over Poland, while Bolshevik Russians attack Poland from the other side, and blame the slaughter of Poles on Nazi Germany, while both the Nazis and the Bolsheviks are being financed by American Tax Payers through the IRS, the FED, and Wall Street, then that False Flag is already counter to the promotion of Liberty (revolution) if that is the example.

If the False Flag example is demolishing 3 buildings in New York, full of people for 2 of those buildings, blaming those examples of controlled demolition on people from Saudi Arabia, so as to attack Iraq and Afghanistan, to stop two Ex-CIA employees who stopped following orders, to keep one from dumping too much oil on the marketed and driving the price down, and selling oil for legal fraud money that is not produced by the FED, and to keep the other Ex-CIA employee from removing the cash crop of Opium from world markets from Afghanistan then that example of that False Flag is already counter-revolutionary if revolution means to promote liberty against criminals who make their crimes legal.

"Yes a counter revolutionary false flag to start a revolution not to initiate the take over of opposite false flag I guess?"

Can you provide an example of a False Flag whereby the objective of the False Flag was to initiate the take over of tyranny?

The best revolution is peaceful, and the criminals just find out that their crimes don't pay, so they find honest work that does pay instead.

A peaceful revolution could be a Ron Paul type who is not honestly elected by the majority of honest people in America, where those honest people who want peace can't elect Ron Paul because they do not get their votes counted, so those honest productive people are not represented, and they cannot live and let live, because their votes are not even counted by the criminals who run the Nation State, and the False Flag Ron Paul could wave, would be one that Ron Paul says that he will conduct "business as usual", but that is a lie, so the bad guys who control the vote, fraudulently, are fooled by the False Flag, and Ron Paul is elected, and then Ron Paul breaks his campaign promises of Perpetual War, and instead Ron Paul ends The FED, ends the IRS, brings the Troops Home (not in body bags), and this Despotic State at the National (not federal) level is returned back into a Democratic Federated Republic.

Is that what you have in mind?

Here is another example of a False Flag (of the bad kind):