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Michael Nystrom

No, I did not get exactly what I asked for.

You see, your site or not, and parables or not [even if some are true] selectivism is rampant within this so-called movement.

I have witnessed the growth that has occurred when everybody was united. Indeed, this is not about one man [Ron Paul], me, or you. It is doing what it takes to realize an outcome. Since that man [who we wanted as our president] has retired, some have lost hope, and some have gone off into different directions. As libertarians, that is to be expected, and understood. But what is not realized by the younger generation, such as you and others, is that to succeed, to win, one must persevere with focus and consistency.

As I followed this thread and the negative responses, I was almost suprised to see many jump immediately on that Rand bus. Don't get me wrong - I applaud Rand full-heartedly and am proud of him. But he is one egg in a basket. If he succeeds, there is truly hope. If he does not, more people will be let down, and possibly will no longer participate in whatever activism happens to be the soup of the day.

This is where dems and establishment have us beat. They are well organized, more so than many of the folks here. Here is a reality for you, and others: Though I OPPOSE mob rule, majority DOES win in this current system. And before we begin to see consitent results, we MUST continue to build our numbers, and support each other every chance that we get.

Well, I would go on, but I believe that you may possibly get where I am going with this. So it is here that I will get off of my high horse.

Thanks for your consideration, and support. Michael.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul