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From the response of what we've seen so far from our fellow

Americans since the implementation of the Patriot Act and every other liberty that we've had stripped thus far, I don't blame you one bit for your cynicism. If recent history of our lack of outrage is any indication, then I'd have to agree with you.

Having said that, this particular issue may be what turns the tide and get people questioning.

Many don't bother until it concerns them "personally", or it affects someone they care about. Many also allow their liberties to be stripped in the name of safety and security. This is different, as it can't get any worse than being murdered. Rand has brought to the forefront, not only drones, but also the NDAA.

I strongly think this will turn the tide and stir debate where there was none before, and two things will materialize;

1) There will be a mass awakening and people will start to see that there is no real left/right way, but the "correct" way.


2) As you put it. There will be some "news-worthy" distraction that will take place soon and all Rand's sacrifice today will be buried by the MSM.

Time will tell, and as I am hoping that this issue is TOO different for most Americans to ignore, I also can't blame you for being cynical.