Comment: Rand is going all out..

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Rand is going all out..

I've been listening since 12:20 Central time. I cannot believe that he's been able to bring on both Republican and Democrat help while on the floor. One of my favorite moments was when Reid tried to limit the time he was allowed to speak and went crying home when he couldn't get it approved. I don't know what he was thinking.

Another section of the filibuster that I enjoyed was when Rand was explaining the essential amendments of the Constitution that this drone program would affect. He basically laid out the importance of the bill of rights and its effects and attributions.

Lastly, I am proud that the American people are paying attention to this filibuster; that they might be more exposed to and, therefore, susceptible to liberty views than they otherwise might be by their expressions on news article comment's sections and the twitterverse.

Love thy enemy.