Comment: I feel like it is pretty

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I feel like it is pretty

I feel like it is pretty clear to someone who reads this objectively that you are the one who is dodging me. I'm simply not answering your questions because they are so unbelievably out of whack with what I am saying. I already gave you a perfect example of why it is actually IMPOSSIBLE for me to answer your questions! Because all of your questions pre-suppose that I believe certain things, when in fact I do not! They are loaded and designed to paint me as the bad guy. It's very off-putting. It would be nice to just have a serious conversation, without people like you who just want to "win" the argument. I've explained over and over again that I'm not an anarchist, you completely ignore that point but it's all that matters. You are an anarchist, I am not, end of story. It is not reconcilable from there. I do not respect the right to murder. Sorry.