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I'm tired of this back and

I'm tired of this back and forth. It's getting absurd. "You're deflecting!" "No, you're deflecting!" This is written communication. All you need to do is scroll up. Look at who deflected first. You are the one who refused to address MY points, your first several questions were very clearly phrased to paint me in a negative light and pre-supposed false things about my argument.

That said, I will answer your question. It seems like all three of those are the exact same question phrased differently.

It'll be enforced much the same way it is now, minus the threat of imprisonment. Not paying will likely lead you into a horrible financial situation, have a huge impact on your credit, and end up costing you more in interest.

Now finally ANSWER MINE or you are 100% a troll.

What would you do to stop violent crime in a tax-less society?