Comment: Are you retarded? You think

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Are you retarded? You think

Are you retarded? You think libertarian repubs are the only people who read this forum?

Do you know how many government agents troll this site every day just waiting for dumb-ass treads like this so they can plaster it all over the state controlled media and make us look like domestic terrorists?

Right now, some beuracrat is using this insipid post to decide if its a good enough sell to justified drone missiling one of our houses. Have you heard of a thing called the non aggression principal genius? Hint: it's what we are fighting for. The moment some idiot starts shooting these bankster nazi scum-bags, they have exactly what they want. We become "terrorists" and they become "peacekeepers."

We win this through intellectual and political revolution or we don't win period. If you think your going to win militarily, you have a sad wake-up coming. If it comes to a bloody revolt, we all loose, even if we win. You think these control freak NWO nazis won't deploy Neutron bombs, nukes, starvation, mass drone strikes and everything else in their fucked up arsenal to keep their elitest heads out of the noose? You think the dumb fucking troops won't follow their orders like mindless thugs and then blubber about how sorry they are "after" they blow your children to chunks before feeding themselves a bullet? Even if we started to win, they'd go into their underground bunkers and turn the Earth into Venus. Even if we did drag the banksters out and hang them in the end, can you imagine the cost? Millions and millions of people will die, including people you love if this revolution goes hot, so you damn well better keep that in mind before you start giving these central bankers an excuse to start it.

Become a PCO, take over you precinct, then your district then your state. Get you and your pals into every lower electable position until you run them all out and remove their power base.