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Just bringing it back to the top...

This is your original reply, which sparked all of this. Read what you replied to, and how you replied. See how little it has to do with what we are now discussing?

When we started, you shared a very poor analogy, and I completely refuted it, and all you had to say for that was that I was being obtuse, even though I refused your analogy, you continued to roll with it. This completely derailed everything. You cannot run from a premise I do not accept. Your analogy failed! It was flat out wrong. It proved nothing. you're going to have to start over.

From there on all I was trying to do was bring it back to this: the tax I'm advocating. You want to discuss everything but that!! You completely ignored my questions, and threw random, unrelated questions at me insisting that I was the one ignoring your questions! I wasn't ignoring them, I was explaining exactly why they had nothing to do with anything!

Maybe some day you'll come back here and understand my frustration.