Comment: Ignorance really gets to me

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Ignorance really gets to me

One of the WORST comments I've seen:

"We should all admire his intestinal fortitude, but Rand Paul deciding to make a fool of himself over policies long backed by his party colleagues is puzzling. So Republicans decide to wake up when it comes to holding a presidential administration accountable when they use extraordinary powers in the name of fighting terrorism? It's remarkable that conservatives that have decided to suddenly express their "OUTRAGE" and "HORROR" over possible civil liberties or human rights violations in the global war on terror. With an illegal and costly war on their resume, along with the Patriot Act, torture, secret prisons, TSA patdowns and the birth of the drone program, that Republicans have the temerity to make like the ACLU and pound Obama for continuing their own policies is astounding. "

So Rand Paul is SUDDENLY expressing his outrage on civil liberties and human rights violations???? Wow, talk about someone who had never heard of Rand Paul. Pathetic.