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1988vote, I wrote this post as a...

follow up to my last post, which had prompted many comments advocating for an idealized free market that could only exist in a stateless society. I suspected many of those comments were made by anarchists who were hiding behind Ron Paul's ideas of limited government. But I was surprised at the number of anarchists who commented on this post claiming Ron Paul is an anarchist, and the relatively few who said he wasn't. Of the over 800 comments, I think fewer than 10 said Ron Paul is what he claims to be, i.e., a Constitutionalist who believes in the rule of law and limited government.

When responding to the comments on this post, initially I kept an open mind about the anarchist ideology, but eventually I came to the conclusion that anarchism is just another front for fascist elites intent on subverting legitimate representative government. So are the Fed, CIA, leaders of both political parties, and global elites all anarchists? No. They are fascists who are supported by various ism's (anarchism, communism, voluntaryism, barbarism) all of which, in my opinion, are designed to subvert representative government of, by, and for the people. One thing these ism's have in common is they pander to the human desire for a just, equitable society but lead to an ideological dead end. For my brief summary of the comments, check out this link: (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)