Comment: Spoke with Wayne Paul this evening...

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Spoke with Wayne Paul this evening...

He is a good friend, and the best of liberty patriots! If you think Ron is 'wild liberty freedom', listen to Wayne some time!

But the point is...

Just after the Texas GOP convention last summer, and just after Rand dropped the bombshell endorsing... Ro...Rom... R... can't remember the name... who was that?

In any case, Wayne made a significant statement when I asked him about his nephew's decision:

"Rand can take a long walk on a short pier! We are supporting Ron for the nomination!"

Fast forward to the present...

Wayne is proud of Rand's stand for liberty, and says thank-you to the liberty movement for their support of this filibuster!

Further this helps the grassroots understand that Rand agrees with Ron on liberty! We can confidently support Rand Paul as a true liberty champion!

The difference is that Rand is difficult to attack, and is a political chess master!

We hope and pray that Rand Paul carries on for the maximum value to liberty, and the maximum damage to tyranny!

Thank-you 'Daily Paul'!