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This is bad because

Well, at least in my eyes it's an indication of how distant even my own state's legislature is from the population. I seriously doubt anyone's office has been inundated with calls from constituents demanding the legalization of horse slaughter.

It's more likely a lobbyist thing where some of the bigger players at the Capitol were bought off (as they are from time to time by our chambers of commerce or whoever else), then because the good ol' boys wanted the legislation nobody questioned it.

From a legal standpoint, I think there are valid points on both sides, including the freedom to do what you want with your own property. However, I think killing horses that are otherwise healthy just because the owner doesn't want them is sick and inhumane. No matter how humane the execution process may be. Cows are killed, yes, for food. Horses are usually laden with steroids and/or hormones that are not safe for human consumption, so they are just disposed of.

The stated intent by the proponents of this legislation (in my state at least) is that the slaughters are happening anyway, we just want to bring it back to the US/Oklahoma from Mexico because they don't do it humanely there. Aren't we so compassionate? We just want these horses to have a happy death. ;) - Bringing you Oklahoma, Texas and national news & opinion that matters for liberty.