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Mike, I'm sorry that I didn't

Mike, I'm sorry that I didn't pick up on the seeking nature of your post. As first posted, it seemed more like you were passing information you were all excited about. I did not get the impression that you were skeptical and seeking input. Rather, I got the impression that you were impressed.

I guess I just think that it's better to do a modicum of research on your own -- like type in your Keshe guy with the word "debunked", or just look at the wiki article -- before typing a subject line that just grabs a heading from a source that is, on the face of it, not too trustworthy. I certainly judged your post by the veracity of the source you choose. is not the sort of source you should expect rational people to respect.

If you think Keshe has legitimate points, don't steal a headline from a whacked-out site and expect cogent discussion. Research the guy on your own and come to the table with something un-ashtar.

Too many times, cool out-of-the-box ideas go nowhere because the messenger hasn't bothered to do the work of informing himself.

You didn't waste my time. I appreciate your seeking. I just want to encourage you to stop wasting your own time. Learn to spot the tells of pseudo-science and refuse to allow such charlatans to pervert your energies.

There's no such thing as free energy. If you see that in one of the websites you peruse, click away -- unless it's in quotes because the author is mocking the phrase.