Comment: Holy cow

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Holy cow

I supported Rand in the past, but today he is showing his true colors.

What an awesome filibuster. I will continue to question him but I will be e-mailing him a personal thank you letter tomorrow.

I was listening to a lot of it today while working (difficult) but wouldn't it be awesome if he ran on for over a day and broke the record?

Stand with Rand!

I'm so glad I gave him the benefit of the doubt. At least I can feel like less of an idiot. Although I note I am still an idiot.

I tried to get my dad to turn it on, since he thinks the CIA assassinated Kennedy. He won't watch it though. But I planted a seed of doubt, I hope.

Who wants to bet on sub prime internet memes? Did we just add ourselves to the list?

Cruz brought up Dr. Seuss. He lived across the street from a family member and supposedly he was super cool.