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Again, Bitcoin does not gain

Again, Bitcoin does not gain any value by being hard to acquire, and I can tell you as a programmer, that data does not contain energy. Because you can't do anything with a bitcoin besides sell, they don't have a genuine use. With no genuine use, they do not fit the form of money. Without fitting the form of money, using them as money is unjust. That which is unjust is by definition immoral.

NotHaus was on his own, this would be a DP wide collaboration. We'd push for local businesses to accept them. I know it is risky, because we'd be stepping on the banksters sacred ground, but there will be no victory until their currency scam is destroyed. I'd go ahead and start the ball rolling, but I'm not nearly charismatic enough, nor do my circumstances allow for it. Personally, I think Nystrom should take up such a project; he has the trust of the membership here, and is positioned perfectly.

That is probably a good trade, but I trade on a cash account. Always err on the side of caution, and all that. The fundamentals definitely support the trade, but it all comes down to what the bankers are planning, and that only they know.