Comment: Yes, dump those bitcoins.

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Yes, dump those bitcoins.

I'd love to buy more of them on discount. It's a little funny to me when I listen to the naysayers. They just do get it. For myself, bitcoin is not an investment, nor is it something to store value in the long term (there are other vehicles for that). It is a new tool that allows me to achieve a level of liquid operation anywhere on the planet without the threat of a tyrant documenting my actions. If anybody frequently travels internationally then they may recognize the true value of what bitcoin offers. I can't lug around a bunch of gold or silver nor can I carry more than 10K freely. Bitcoin represents a greater level of freedom and a new paradigm and I totally support that. It also represents the future that I want, so it gets my vote. There is growing demand for what bitcoin offers. Should bitcoin fall away then something better will likely grow up to surpass it. This is new and unknown territory, the old filters of judgement are obsolete here. Adapt and thrive or stay in your cage.