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Comment: Since you asked, this is what

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Since you asked, this is what

Since you asked, this is what I would do.

1. Take half of it and buy gold coins and store them in a safe at your parent's house.

2. Take 200 - 300 bucks and get a TEFL certification. Example:

3. Look at Asia for work in the above industry. Japan was a great experience for me, and even though it's a developed country, there are still tons of opportunities. Also, if emerging markets interests you, look at S.E. Asia. Where I would avoid is China and S. Korea. I have friends who went there and they all have had bad experiences with little gain.

4. Whatever country you choose, you will need to learn the language and consistently keep an eye open for opportunity outside of the English teaching. Sometimes opportunity falls in your lap, but other times you need to really hunt for it.

5. Work hard, because hard work brings good luck.

6. Have fun! Work hard, and play hard--this is the Asian way.

Lastly, take my word for it, you are still YOUNG! Buying a house off-the-grid at your age will be tough. You will become restless fast. It can't be helped. 23 - 43 is a lifetime, trust me, I just turned 43, and I'm shocked at: a) How time flies; b) How much I have done in that span of time. For example, I have worked as a bartender, Scuba Diving Instructor, conversation English Teacher, currency broker, and hedge fund sales rep. I have also lived in 4 different countries.

You buy that house off-the-grid now and you'll be done with it by age 25... You can't fight the hunter and gatherer inside of you.