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Great music, thanks.

I'd somehow never even heard of Ewan Dobson before. Really excellent. I've been listening to other YouTubes by him for the last half hour, enjoying.

I'm not the kind of atheist you're used to, I guess. I don't obsess about atheism, and I don't try to persuade True Believers to give up their religions. Saying I don't believe in God is no more important to me than saying I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy. Atheism does NOT define a moral code for me. That's a hard lesson to learn -- you're right that a lot of atheists try to define themselves BY their atheism -- and what most of them end up doing is looking for a new Authority to take the place of God -- usually they become socialists (which is one reason why I do NOT argue with religionists. Another reason: if somebody needs the crutch of religion, what kind of a bastard would try to take their crutch away?) For myself, I've spent a fair few years constructing my own philosophical framework based on individual judgment rather than on the Moral Authorities. (Mommy & Daddy SAID SO defines right and wrong for small children; later on, we are taught that "God SAID SO" or that "It's the LAW" -- i.e some politician SAID SO.) I've outgrown the need to be given moral orders by "Authorities." I'm all grown up, self-responsible, and my own judgment works quite well, thank you very much.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition,