Comment: Petition is entirely too ambiguous!

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Petition is entirely too ambiguous!

It should be to the point! There should be no room for caprice, arbitrary actions, to wiggle!

For instance:

"We the undersigned demand you acknowledge and reaffirm in writing immediately, to the Senate and the people, through Senator Rand Paul, the following:

Your oath of office that you support and defend the constitution of the United States;

That this oath means any action against American Citizens without Due Process of Law, or any other attempt to contravene an inalienable right as listed in that constitution, is 'Ultra Vires'! It is 'without the power' to perform regardless of your office!;

You affirm that any action carried out against citizens anywhere in the world, regardless of location, requires due process of law and every other process as listed in the Bill of Rights;

You affirm that all actions of your administration must be in compliance with the clear and unequivocal commands and duties of the that Constitution;

That all actions otherwise would be unconstitutional, criminal, or otherwise Ultra Vires and without the power to perform!;

That such actions as the use of force against citizens with extreme prejudice, by means of drones or any other device or means, would by plain and simple constitutional law fall into this prohibited category, without having met all constitutional requirements aforementioned, and would be in clear violation of oath, and criminal in their action;

That you, or any of your administration, would be subject to the law of the land and constitution if found to have violated that law, constitution, or oath!

So help you God!"