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yup, a DEFINITE snake

Durbin's heavily funded by the drone lobby.

now check out this a-hole pulling the 9/11 card, like Cheney, asking irrelevant question on a relevant point; Rand NEVER argued against defending against using drones to fend off direct 9/11 type attack, but Douchebin is acting as if Rand's saying 'no you should let them attack us, even when it's obvious, like 9/11.'

the Dem. military ind. complex whores are the worst type. At least the repug RINOs are a bit more open about it; frankly they're not astute political players enough to hide it.

I read recently a wonk's analysis on difference between typical dems and GOP, I believe while not applicable to all, but broadly apropos. He stated that for the most part, the Dems are political professionals. They don't start businesses, they don't have any other life to go back to. Politics IS their business.

GOP on the most part use govt to further their business. Their real aim isn't to muddle around in govt sector forever (at least those who actually come from private sector), though obviously many do.

Dems are the modern equivalent to the Mandarins.

They're the Royal Courtiers who actually ran the monarchies of yore; they're the shadow faces behind the monarch. They're the useless rhetoriticians; that's ALL they do. They yap about doing something while doing nothing, in reality. That's why they're much more adept political operators; case in point: Bill 'Stain on Bluedress' Clinton & oBUSHma.

The way the O-bots are responding to oBUSHma's equal warcrimes, those if done under GWB reign they'd go apoplectic over, at least feign to be, are the same douchebaggy delusional Stockholm Syndromed dementia idiots who justified Clinton's Waco, Ruby Ridge, and his illegal Balkans bombings.

Dems on the most part want to be lied to better. Nothing more. They love and accept all evils of the state, despite what they publicly feign to detest.

Of course, over generalized, but to the political factions that apply, what Gerald Celente says about it is pretty apt:

" 'Conservatives' believe, 'Liberals' LIE!"

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul