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I'm not voting for Rand, why do I care if they do? Unless, he calls Levin out for the Trotskyite he is, consequences be damned.

And mark my words -- it doesn't matter how close Rand gets, Levin will turn on him. Beck will turn on him and call him too "radical". And, unless there is a financial collapse, Rubio or some other plastic man will be the nominee, and Levin will be asking his listeners to support him.

Guaranteed, Primary season 2015, Levin will tell his listeners to vote for someone other than Rand because he doesn't want to murder little brown children. Anyone who thinks otherwise is the fool.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain