Comment: I did read a comment of yours

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I did read a comment of yours

I did read a comment of yours talking about living in California (if I remember correctly) with "anarchists" who tried to impose rules on your community and I can see how that might leave a sour taste in your mouth. Frankly, I am ashamed that those with whom you had such a bad experience would call themselves anarchists. And if they used political avenues to try to impose their will then they were certainly hypocrites. There are individuals in my community who identify as Christians and behave in a similar fashion, but I don't think it would be fair to hold their actions against others who identify the same way.

So far the folks I've seen on this thread who identify as ancaps or voluntaryist have demonstrated that this position is one they hold as a result of their strict adherence to the principle of non aggression, free association and liberty for all individuals. Admittedly I have not read every comment, but I imagine some disagreements could be due to misunderstandings. And even if you do not feel this is the case should I not be given the chance to make my own case before you determine that my moral integrity is lacking? Do you feel that my dialogue with you has been disrespectful and thus deserving of sarcasm?

I have no desire to be dishonest with you, Mark. I genuinely believe that every person has the absolute right to their life, to live as they see fit, and that these rights exist as absolute truth even in the absence of any written law. It is our birthright, and it is the greatest gift we could ever be given.

I hope you can at least understand where I'm coming from even if you disagree on the practical application of my ideas.

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