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Is about leading. While I value your criticism.. would you mind offering some solutions to your grievances?

And believe me.. I feel you 100%. I have posted numerous threads trying to rally our troops to anything that advances out ideals and cause.

What our movement needs is real leadership. Until then, we are herding cats. Although I may be voted down, I still have to point out that in order for us to achieve our goals we sure as hell better have good leaders, advocates and volunteers.

Where I honestly saw Ron Paul fail was his inability to lead. Ron is a philosophical man. The only way he was going to reach POTUS is if the country woke up and supported him. He refused to change his ways.. and kudos to him for it.

The thing is, you must lead, to win.

What I see in Rand is his desire to actually win. Being strategic. Picking the right battles.

I have found the best leader of our movement and I vow to support Rand in 15/16.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul