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My thoughts

I've only been a part of the Daily Paul for a little under a year. I started visiting the site late spring/early summer. It was primary season coming up on a national election (in which Ron Paul was at that point running). Enthusiasm was easy to generate because we were all trying to advance Ron's presidential run. Even as we got closer to November we started to split, the Gary Johnsons vs. write-ins vs. non-voters, etc, each person advocating liberty as they saw fit.

Several months later, we don't necessarily have a unifying mission like we did when RP was running for president. It doesn't necessarily mean people have stopped being active. But perhaps they are getting involved in different ways. Personally, I've become involved with my local party and am starting a group on my campus. There are also a lot of groups that are promoting the ideas of Liberty via social media.

Just my 2 cents...not sure if its 100% accurate but this has been my observation during my short time here.