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So the "free energy" concepts

So the "free energy" concepts are bunk and get play only because some folks don't understand the basic definitions of free and energy.

Drat, my husband -- a robotics engineer -- is telling me that it's not about science or definitions. He's saying this "free energy" concept is equal parts magical thinking and an impulse to escape a master.

He says you folks who fawn over free energy are not only mathematically illiterate, you're also enslaved by a defensive posture. You're willing to accept falsehoods just to stick it to the man. Truth is less important than feeling like you've got some secret whirligig that will someday, somehow -- you don't know how -- free you.

Whatever, he's wrong all the time.

So say I.

I say this free energy stuff is just the verbiage of folks who have a very small box.

Folks who fail to take into account the bigger box. Like, sure the sun is ramming Earth with tons or radiant energy, and like, sure the moon is jamming huge amount of tidal energy every flood tide. That's energy and it's freely heating the earth and rising tides. But how "free" is that to harness? Turns out it's quite costly. It can give you a tan and put some knots behind your boat, but to lasso it for energy that hops up your high wires...well, that's pretty costly. It's no where near free. Squeezing oil out of shale is more efficient.

What's this "free energy" that you're moon-eyed over. Free for whom? What's the cost of transmitting it into an energy source that's valued in the market? Energy is all around us and freely given. Get a tan; grow a squash; set sail with the tide; travel with the wind.

I venture that your definition of "free" here has little to do with science. I'm thinking you're willing to confusing science with political philosophy and it leaves you vulnerable to any