Comment: I do not see that at all.

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I do not see that at all.

Each of us sees things from a different perspective.

My family began telling people the truth about the Federal Reserve, LRS (Legal Ripoff System) aka Internal Revenue "Serve Us", etc. in about 1977. We lost everything we had. The rate of the progress of awareness went from zero to 60 in about 35 years (it all takes time [it has to move bottom up, local community to local community). Lots of patience is required.

Nothing works like we want it to (I sometimes get pretty frustrated). Not only that; we all have to live day-to-day life (not everybody wants to talk politics all the time). I try to put any matter related to politics aside from time to time.

Like any worthwhile undertaking, The Daily Paul has its periods of stagnation. A troublemaker or two stop in once in awhile. DP has to put up with intelligent idiots who try to confuse the bugeeses out of people (especially newcomers); there discredit our cause. Some poor souls are so shallow and dumb!

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