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You make many assumptions...

I was generally interested in hearing what you had to say... but I find your response to be a little condesending. You make many assumptions which may or may not be directed at me. I'm not "fawning" over anything. I'm not "moon-eyed" over anything. I am interested in radiant energy. I believe that it has potential to be harnessed as an alternative to fossil fuels. Is it "free" in a technical sense? No. Of course it would cost something to research and develop the technology for it. That's a given. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. I also don't deny the potential for Natural Gas either, so I'm not locked in a state of "accepting falsehoods just to stick it to the man." I'm not looking for some magical device to "free" me, you, or anyone else for that matter.

Fossil Fuels are limited. They will last for a while, but not forever. There's radiant energy everywhere and it's abundant. The sun will burn for another 5 billion years before that source is ever gone. Why not harness it? No, I'm not talking about solar panels either. Right Source, wrong method. My opinion.

Feel free not to answer that question because I feel that you will only make more false assumptions and lump me into a pile of people with "very small boxes". I'm a reasonable individual and I don't believe everything I hear. I have an open mind, I ask questions, and I seek truth (not mumbo jumbo).

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