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Oh brother, what are you

Oh brother, what are you talking about? You have been here under 2 years (and nothing wrong with that in itself). Are you telling us that the good old days of DP were within the last 2 years????? I can tell you that back in 07 there was a slightly different feeling on this board, and some real heartfelt grit as some 'activits' invented the R3VOLution signs and other innovated money bombs, blimps, google Ron Paul, and blew up polls and comment sections all the while being accused of being 7 pimple faced guys in mom's basement. Without knowing there would be any ROI, any growth of a movement, or even anyone else out there who would listen, people on here talked about anything and everything and because of that banter, I believe, people became involved, innovated things, spread the word, and in so doing were and are activists. It takes all kinds so quit chiding people for however they choose to express themselves. If you have good ideas and a good way of expressing yourself and motivating others you will get your ideas across and convince others to join you. The r3VOLution is alive and well. It also settled down a tad between the RP campaigns but that was a time for reflection and planning. Also for people to get active locally. Remember this site is also a good outlet for freedom people to just connect and share with like minded people about many topics. Who said it always has to be a super charged activits machine?