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Comment: So if you are in agreement

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So if you are in agreement

So if you are in agreement with the goal of self government why is the notion idiotic?

Let's reflect Hanson's stated agenda in the comment above:

"I did not write this post for the purpose of proving or disproving that Ron Paul is an anarchist. I wrote the post to expose the large number of anarchists at DP who believe RP is one of their own."

That is why I am commenting in this thread because people such as Hanson are dishonest. They are the Southern Poverty Law Center of the liberty movement. They are the cancer. Always trying to put a wedge in it. Who started this thread with this agenda? Perhaps a review of threads of this same type should be undertaken to see if it is so called anarchists continually introducing these type of threads.

Sure Ron Paul talks about the constitution. He is even on record stating why he likes using the constitution as a tool to bring for the message of liberty. However Ron does not stop there as he also gives regular praise to free markets and we all know what constitutes a free market by definition.

Would you like to know who turned Ron Paul around on some issues? Heck, lets ask Ron who states Rothbard at 1:00...

So what is this guy trying to expose exactly? Ron is a Murray fan?