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Comment: Monopolies

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Here is my contention to offer in discussion in pressing matters of relative importance.

There is a list here:

Some of those human beings, led, or misled, don't have heads, some don't have names.

Are they punished by God for being bad, for failing to follow orders?

I have a audio tape from the days when I tried to get time off of work, time off of raising a family, time off of enjoying life as I think is my duty too, to set an example worthy of reproduction, to investigate more precisely those events in my time, in America, in Texas, ON MY DIME.

On the audio tape are the words of the main Target, the main tax evader, the person who changed his name from Vernon Howell to David Koresh. What was on that tape was a message to anyone who may listen. I listened. It basically says, if I heard the message well enough, which is certainly doubtful, and I can quote from it if needed, for help in understanding the message offered, be that as it may be, I think the message is this:

Beware of false prophets, they lie, and therefore it is up to you, as an individual, your responsibility, accountable to you, to find out the truth from God, not from man.

I can be wrong, of course, and Vernon Howell can be wrong, of course, how wrong can wrong get, and how do you measure this wrong stuff?

If there is a way to help other people and avoid having all your loved ones tortured in front of your eyes while all your loved ones are beheaded, piled into a pile, burned alive, and run over by tanks, then is that a good idea to work toward helping other people and avoiding all that uncomfortable stuff?

I see these very evil people, so I focus attention on the worst ones first, and so I think it is helpful to point those people out to other people as if saying, look, those people are lying a lot, and those people are threatening a lot, and here are their lies, this one, this one, this one, and here are their threats, here, here, and here, and by the way, here are all these bodies, on this list of former innocent people who were once alive and helping people move from worse to better, now these people, with names, or without names, with heads, or without heads, are dead, at the hands of these people, this person, this one, this one, and since these deaths are financed with my earnings, then I have to point out the need to check your wallet, see what kind of money you use, check your IRS return, see where your money is going, and then look in the mirror.

I'm nuts.

I get that a lot.

I'm a party pooper.

I'm such a drag.

Costly me, with the broken record.

Pointing to the endless flow of tortured and dead victims, and saying look, there are the victims in that endless flow of victims, is one thing, I get it, as plain as the big nose on my face.

What churns out, like a big meat grinder, those victims, perpetually?

There is an Elephant in the room, a real thing, not a figurative thing, and it is not stomping random people out, it is precisely removing the best people, the most competitive people, and it works well enough, precise enough, good enough, according to the trainers of the Elephant, the stomping machine, the meat grinder, to SAVE the worst among us.

What happens over time?

The best are turned to pulp, with lists, lists, and more lists of names added to the pile, or numbers, when names are forgotten.

The worst are rewarded with destructive POWER of unimaginable magnitude, and there is a Top Ten list if anyone cares to look.

At least, the very least, it seems to me, a moral person aught to consider the concept of working less effectively at moving more power from those who produce that power to those on the Top Ten list, and that can't be done if all the productive people are led to believe that they must work harder to pay more to those worse people as a solution to the problem of having to work too hard.

Sure, I get it, absolute faith in goodness, real goodness, true goodness, is worth fighting for, worth preserving, worth giving up everything to preserve so that life can continue a few days longer, instead of life being destroyed, snuffed out, ended, gone forever.

What is the next thing I should do boss?