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Comment: I can agree with that--

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I can agree with that--

And you are correct, Ron Paul isn't the issue. So . . . why 'defame' him?

He's just a man, after all, but he has awakened many of *us*.

I have no issue with the other things you are saying.


I am just uncomfortable with all the labeling that is taking place on some of these 'anarchist'-related threads.

I will respond to the other person, but at least one has accused me of being an anarchist, because I have asked questions.

I admit that I am more interested in social/political history than in economic/political history, and there is a difference.

I want to know about what has happened to human beings, not about the rise and fall of markets--

In my *own* life I am frugal and hard-working, and I produce. I prefer being a producer to being a consumer, though nobody living in the 21st century can keep from consuming; everyone consumes, but I am not the kind of consumer that most of the people I live around are.

I buy local, support local farm families and grow as much of my own food as possible--

I walk, rather than drive/ride, as much as possible--

I don't use the medical system, etc.--

Pay my own way--

so when I come on a discussion and try to learn (yes, I'm in my 60s, but I haven't really ever studied anarchism; I have studied libertarianism a little more)--

and get 'shot' because I came on someone else's property--LOL!

. . . I feel a bit dazed about it.

There are some people discussing these topics who are trigger happy--

maybe they are young and passionate. And that is good. But most humans, IF they get older, become more . . . peaceable. *We* still have our principles, but we don't want to shoot everyone in sight.


That's possibly why I feel defensive of Dr. Paul. He's a few years older than I, and he's tired. I "get" that.

I am only assuming the really zealous are much younger than I, because usually zealots are.

Truth is important, and even old(er) people can seek it.

That's all I try to do wherever I am, even here on DP. But I do have my opinions, too, and one of them is that shooting first and asking questions later isn't a good idea.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--