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Comment: Thank you for being so reasonable. I will check this out--

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Thank you for being so reasonable. I will check this out--

I do need to learn about these 'isms'--

I have invested a lot of time trying to find out what has been going on historically--

and haven't really studied the various political ideologies. Frankly, I find them boring. LOL!

But I will force myself to try.

I am afraid I responded to you in the same vein as to another poster, who made me a bit gun shy about entering this discussion.

I thought you'd shoot me. LOL!

I was, ahem, 'accused' of being an anarchist. I just need to remember that some people on DP are, possibly, young and, definitely, very passionate.

Hey, I want to know the truth, and nothing but the truth, about what happened in WWII (and before) and Viet Nam and Korea, etc. Those are the kinds of things I study when I have the stomach for them.

I am trying to tie everything together; I've been studying these things (minus the 'isms') for decades.

Maybe it's time to care about something besides truth and liberty--


(and the gardens)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--