Comment: Rand Paul quit his filibuster

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Rand Paul quit his filibuster

Rand Paul quit his filibuster after just 13 hours. I'd expect a man interested in preserving the constitution to go at least 14. Apparently he takes issue with Obama's insistence on killing Americans at home, in their sleep or in front of the old teevee, with drones. As a matter of fact, I see nothing wrong with this and feel our founding fathers would agree with Obama on this very important matter of national security.
Americans are the greatest threat to America. They eat all of the food, get sick, and commit acts of crime. Eventually someone is going to have to regulate them, vis a vis killing them with high-tech military equipment.

Lucky for me, my house is fitted with a titanium roof, alien technology to fend off any superfluous drone attacks upon my residence.

I'm being sarcastic of course. Please laugh, now.