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Suppose you were in a car accident.

Despite robust health and a sharp mind, one day as you are enjoying a drive through the hills someone else's car suddenly malfunctions and swerves into your path severely damaging your car and giving you internal injuries. You are taken to a hospital where a simple operation can slow the bleeding and piece together a few bones so that you can have the time to heal correctly. However, because you are 71 and the panel is out you are simply left to bleed on the hospital bed. Is that your fault? Would you accept this?

We can return to the wilderness days. If a rock rolls off the mountain and crushes you, you can lay there until the buzzards come. Or you can accept some help and allow your neighbor to move the rock and fetch food until you are able to do so yourself. This is how we can view doctors. Fellow humans that can help us in a tough situation. I too avoid docs, but if I could use their help, I don't want a panel telling me a can't have it because I've lived in this world too long.