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Comment: Rand stayed on topic for 13 hours. No phonebooks were read.

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Rand stayed on topic for 13 hours. No phonebooks were read.

This filibuster was carried out with focused precision. Rand set this up beautifully by using the unanswered or poorly answered letters as the basis for his attack. Rand also used the political opportunism of his colleagues to his advantage. They got their free air time and produced some political capital for themselves. In turn, Rand got a speaking break. He succeeded in shaming this president, but shame only works when there is the conscious, morals, and character to follow the Constitution. If these qualities were all present, this situation would have never occurred. Rand and the other senators were very careful not to use the word impeachment during yesterday's filibuster. I hope that some citizens will not have to die by drone attacks before any action is taken against this president. For now, Rand should be pleased that this filibuster went well. Hypocrisy has been exposed, alliances have been forged, and a line has been drawn in the sand. The president does not have unlimited power.